Do you want to download and listen to your favorite songs in the car audio player or any other music player? However, finding the audio tracks you need is not going be an easy thing to do. Even though you can find all the songs on YouTube, you will wonder how you can convert them into audio tracks. That’s where Peggo Apk can assist you with.

What exactly is Peggo Apk?

In simple Peggo Apk is a Digital Video Recorder application. It has the ability to record MP4s or MP3s of your favorite songs on SoundCloud and YouTube. However, you cannot compare Peggo Apk to other DVR apps available. That’s because it comes along with few impressive features, which you would love.

You will be able to use Peggo Apk to remove unwanted sounds from the tracks. In addition, you can normalize the volume, so that you will be able to get a smoother listening experience. In case if you are interested in getting more information about a specific track, you will be able to go ahead and use Peggo Apk to get it done as well. The other impressive features that a person can get along with this app include the ability to discover title tags, remove offsets and add creativity to the tracks. So this can even use as a YouTube video to MP3 converter in an effective manner.


The features that come along with Peggo Apk have helped it to stand ahead of other similar applications. Here are those amazing features. You will be able to experience these features from the moment you download and install the app on your device.

Ability to have high-quality MP3s

No person likes to listen to crappy MP3 tracks. Instead, everyone is looking forward to enjoying the best quality soundtracks. That’s where Peggo Apk can assist people with. Soon after Peggo Apk installation, users will be able to go ahead and use the app for recording MP3 files. The MP3s will be of the highest quality. This is facilitated by recording the tracks with an improved bit rate. Due to this reason, it is possible to listen to high-quality music with crystal clear sounds.

Recording videos

A Peggo Apk user will even be able to use this app to record videos. All videos are recorded in the MP4 format. It is possible to adjust the resolution of the video as well. The app supports a variety of video resolutions, which range from 144p and goes all the way up to 1080p. The video recording process is efficient and it will not cause any lagging in the device.

peggo feature mobile

Volume normalization

The volume of recorded tracks isn’t normalized. This can cause imbalances when playing. Due to this reason, a listener will not be able to get a smoother listening experience with the recorded tracks. If you record the track with Peggo Apk, it will not be an issue. It comes along with built-in volume normalization capabilities. It can automate the job and make the life easy for you.

Silence removal

The silence removal capabilities offered by Peggo Apk are impressive. If there is silence, in the beginning, middle or end of the track, you cannot get a smooth listening experience. In such a situation, Peggo Apk would come to your survival and help you with eliminating the awkward silences. Only very few Android apps can deliver this capability.

Discovery of Meta Data

Peggo Apk has got the ability to look for metadata automatically and fill them into the saved tracks. The Metadata that this app is capable of finding include Album Art, Album Name, and Release Date. If Metadata is available on the internet, there’s no chance for Peggo Apk to miss them out.

Integrated search functionality

There is comprehensive search functionality, integrated into the Peggo Apk. It has got the ability to help you look for videos of interest within a short period of time. However, it is important to keep in mind that app allows search only within the app.

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Real-time recording

A person using Peggo Apk doesn’t need to wait in order to let it record the tracks. It offers real-time recording capabilities, which can help you with saving your precious time.

Removal of ID3 tags

When saving the MP3 tracks, Peggo Apk provides the user with the ability to specify the title tags and artist tags. In the YouTube videos, it is possible to find a lot of undesired words in the title. Lyrics, 1080p and HD are some perfect examples of such words. You can remove them and add proper artist names and titles with the help of this app.

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Importing sub-tracks

If you want to record only a specific part of a YouTube video and transform it to an MP3 track, you are provided with the ability by Peggo Apk. For example, if you want to import only from 1:00 to 2:00, you just need to specify it and the app will do its magic.

Interface and How to Use

Peggo Apk will provide you with a simple and a user-friendly interface. You just need to go ahead and use it. No need of technical knowledge to use the app at all. By following the below mentioned steps, you can get to the Peggo Apk interface and use it.

  1. After the installation, you can see the Peggo Apk icon among the apps. You can tap on it to launch the application.
  2. Once you open Peggo Apk, you can paste the SoundCloud link or YouTube link in it.
  3. Now you need to select the right video, which you wish to trim out the audio or video.
  4. The audio recording will come as the default option in Peggo Apk. If you want to record video, you can go ahead and change it.
  5. Now you will be asked whether you want to normalize video and remove silences.
  6. Once everything is properly configured, you should click on the Blue colored bar to initiate MP3 recording. This will RIP audio from the SoundCloud or YouTube link.
  7. The same process needs to be followed when you are recording videos in MP4 format. You just need to select the video format and define resolution in the last step. The option for video recording will be indicated in green color.

Using Peggo Apk is simple as that and you just need to follow above-mentioned steps. You will love to go through those steps and get all the videos or audios you want.

Download and Install

To experience all the great features of this, you need to download it. By following these steps, you can download Peggo Apk and install the app successfully on the device.

  1. The first step of using Peggo Apk is downloading the Apk file. So you can download the Apk from this official site.
  2. It is better if you can download the Apk file directly to the Android device. Or else, you can download it to your computer and then copy to the device.
  3. But before you start the installation, you need to visit the Settings, access app settings and provide the ability to install apps from “Unknown Sources”.
  4. When the Peggo Apk is on your device, you need to double-click on it. This will help you to initiate the installation process.
  5. You now need to follow steps on the screen to complete the installation. Once you finished all the steps, Peggo Apk installation on the device is successful.


Q:Is Peggo Apk free to use?
A:Of course, Peggo is a free application to use. Publishers will not ask to make any payment when you want to use the features offered by the app.

Q:Can I install this app on iOS?
A:Unfortunately, it is currently available for the Android devices. You will not be able to use the application on iOS devices. However, you can still use it on a Mac or Windows computer by installing an Android Emulator.

Q:Can I download any song with Peggo Apk?
A:Yes, this app provides you with the ability to download any song of your preference. You just need to look for the link to it on YouTube or SoundCloud.

Q:Do I need to create an account on YouTube or SoundCloud to use Peggo Apk?
A:No, you don’t need to create an account on YouTube or SoundCloud.