Peggo TV - YouTube Video and Audio Converter

Normally downloading videos from the YouTube is prohibited by the Google. But downloading the videos makes easier to watch for every person. So Peggo TV gives you the ability to download videos from the YouTube without any hassle. Best thing is you can download the audio version of the video that you want.

Video Conversion

Actually, you may have used several YouTube video converters before but you may have noticed that they don’t give you the 1080p quality videos to download. They only give you up to 720p. The reason for that is those online converters takes too much time to convert the video to 1080p. Therefore you can’t download 1080p YouTube videos from those converters. But the specialty of the Peggo TV is you can download 1080p videos to your device. Peggo TV online converter converts the video into any resolution size with no time. Therefore you can download the videos in any resolution size that you want.

Audio Conversion

Peggo TV has a great ability to download the audio formats of the videos on the YouTube. Peggo TV online video/audio converter gives you the audio version of the YouTube video as an mp3 format. So you can download it from the web browser that you are using on your PC or the smartphone very easily. The process of conversion actually takes no time. It gives you the conversion results instantly.

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Supports for SoundCloud

You may have noticed that you can’t download MP3s from the Soundcloud. Therefore you have to use an external downloading method. So the perfect method that you can use is the Peggo TV. This gives you the download file quicker than any other method. You have to enter the URL of the Soundcloud audio to the Peggo TV Search bar and search to get the MP3 file of the URL.

Downloading Videos and Audios

To download a video or an audio you just have to copy and paste the URL of the video or the audio on the Peggo TV search bar. Or you can just type the title of the video and search. Then you will have YouTube video results on the screen without visiting the YouTube site. After you select a video to download you will be given a chance to select the start and end points of the video. After selecting those click the format that you want (Record Video or Record Audio). Then select the quality of the video or audio. Finally, click the record button to start the conversion. After the conversion, you can download the video or the audio for free.

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